About the survey

We are speaking with people who arrived in Australia or were granted a permanent humanitarian visa in 2013. We have been talking with humanitarian migrants over the past four years about their experiences with:

We will be talking about similar topics again.

Please talk to us again

In 2013 we spoke with more than 1,500 newly arrived humanitarian migrant families living in communities all around Australia. Most of you were happy to talk with us last year to tell us how things have changed for you and your family since you came to Australia. Your participation over the years has been very valuable and we really appreciate the time you took to speak with us. The knowledge gained from this project is really making a difference. This could not happen without your wonderful support.

We have really enjoyed speaking with you over the last few years and hearing your stories. Our interviewers are looking forward to speaking with you again this year.

We hope that you will talk to us again in 2017 about your experiences in Australia. We want to know how you are going and how things have changed for you and your family since we last spoke to you.

This is your chance to have your say in this important and highly valued study. What you tell us will help make services better for humanitarian migrants coming to Australia.

In mid 2017 we will be sending another letter of invitation to families who participated in 2013. We would really like to talk with you again, even if you didn’t speak with us last year. If you have received a letter from us, you can decide if you want to take part in the next stage of the project. A person from Colmar Brunton Social Research will contact you. If you change your mind later, you can stop doing the survey at any time or stop being part of the project.

Your Australian residence status and access to support services and government assistance will not be affected by whether you decide to participate in the project, or by the things you tell us if you do take part.

If you have received a letter of invitation from us and you have any questions, or want to say no to the project, you can: