What is Building a New Life in Australia?

Building a New Life in Australia is an important new project about how humanitarian migrants settle into life in Australia.

We want to find out:

Close to 2,400 people from more than 1,500 families took part in the first stage of the study. We spoke with most of you again over the last few years to find out how you are going in Australia. We are now looking forward to the next stage, which will start in mid 2017. We are excited to hear about how you have been since we last spoke with you.

Who is conducting the project?

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is conducting the project.

Colmar Brunton Social Research is working with AIFS to collect the information.

The Department of Social Services is funding the study. They want to know what people think, but will not be able to link anyone's name to the things they say.


Privacy is very important. Participants' names and addresses will not be available to anyone else. What people say will not be linked to their name and address.

For more information please click on the 'About the survey' page.